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SUP Club

Running every Thursday evening 6.30 to 8pm, it's a perfect chance to practice your skills as well as a social paddle. Staring on the 20th April 2023 and finishing on the 28th September. These sessions are coached in an informal manner so we ask that you can stand up on your board. Check out the group chat to see what is going on every week!

The prices per person are as follows for blocks of 1.5 hour sessions:

1 Session for £13

5 Sessions for £55

10 sessions for £100

16 sessions for £135


SUP Club Perks

Attend 5 sessions:

  • 5% of all kit available in our water sports shop

  • Invites to any SUP club exclusive events, including SUP club river trips 

  • Coffee and ice cream available with a 50 percent discount

  • Free launching at our site with your own board

Attend 10 sessions:

  • 10% of all kit available in our water sports shop

  • 5% of any board we hold in stock

  • 5% off any courses (excluding private lessons/family experiences)

Attend 15 sessions:

  • 10% of all kit and boards


** discounts are only applicable to items we currently have in stock

** discounts apply only to the retail price of the kit/board

Group chat:

Want to find out what is happening every week? Add yourself to the group chat to get weekly updates.

From fun sessions with the Mega SUP out to learning how to step back turn you'll find out what coaching sessions are running every week on this chat.

Don't miss out on the fact any special discounts or announcements will also be on this chat.

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